The Norwegian Pearl has a smaller capacity which creates a more intimate experience for those magical moments that make Jam Cruise so special! From the Pool Deck to the Stardust Theater and all the spaces in between, we've found the perfect ship to host the 15th edition of Jam Cruise. Take a look at the variety of diverse and inviting venues onboard...

Pool Deck

The pool deck stage has become a staple to the Jam Cruise experience. A place where Cruisers can relax and soak up the sun during the day, then dance the night away, with a 360° view of nothing but open seas. The new setup on Norwegian Pearl is sure to be no different. A venue where you can feel the ocean breeze and watch the waves roll by, all while your favorite bands perform…What could be better?

Stardust Theater

At the front of Decks 5, 6, and 7 you will find the Stardust Theater. This venue offers both stadium seating and a balcony where you can enjoy a full night of music with a great view. Because of it’s stadium seating setup, the Stardust Theater avoids blocked site lines and has great acoustics. This exciting venue presents a vibrant atmosphere that is sure to make the perfect location for our Jam Cruise theater!

Spinnaker Lounge

Located on Deck 13, the Spinnaker Lounge features a stage for your favorite artists, a dance floor for you to boogie the night away, and comfy couches and chairs to rest your feet. With tiered seating you're sure to have a good view of the action. And speaking of views, the Spinnaker Lounge is located at the very front of the ship with floor-to-ceiling windows so you can watch the waves roll by, ports come into sight, or even a spectacular sunrise over the ocean.  

Bliss Ultra Lounge

Step into the Bliss Ultra Lounge and experience a venue unlike any other! With crush velvet decor, plenty of seating and standing room, and a bar in the back of the venue, this room exudes luxury. Head to the back of Deck 7 where this venue is sure to be bumping with late night jams. Bliss also hosts some video games and four bowling alleys, making it a great place to hang out any time of day!


The Atrium offers it all! Conveniently located mid-ship on Deck 7, the Atrium hosts a full service bar, comfy chairs, and two stories of viewing areas so there is plenty of space to enjoy an artist’s set. Also, situated just below O’Sheehan’s pub, you can grab a bite to eat while you watch the show.

Bar City

Head down to Bar City on Deck 6 to experience seeing your favorite musicians at this intimate venue. Located right near the specialty champagne, wine, whiskey and beer bars, there is no shortage of libations available. So take a seat and take in all this relaxed venue location has to offer.